Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Monday, June 7, 2010

I71H Approval

We received our immigration approval today! So, what that means for us is that we get one more document notarized tomorrow....and I think the paperwork is done for quite some time. More importantly though....what that really means is that we get to get started of having our documents sent to Ethiopia and getting a court date scheduled. It would be a miracle to beat the rainy, our expectations are for October timeframe...but it would be wonderful to go early. We can't wait to let our sweet girl know about her family and the to start sending pics and stuff....but, that all will have to wait till the process moves along further.

We have also been really encouraged by the process that Gladney has been walking us through. They recently launched a program called Pathways, a program designed to help families in the adoption of older children. We've been meeting quite a bit with our case worker, Amy, and really walking through a ton of issues. So thankful that the Lord has provided this resource for us and that we are surrounded by so many people from Gladney and our church body, Watermark, that has a heart for the orphaned and vulnerable children. (

Lastly, there has been a ton going on with Kidmia these days. Our new in country direction, Ato Aschalew, has been amazing. The Lord was very gracious in providing someone like Aschalew to lead Kidmia. We are now caring for over 50 kids (25 on site and 25 off site in the community). We also have a friend going over in the next week and will be capturing photos and video for us....can't wait to update everyone. (