Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Can i get this right?? below was written by me, not above :) Cary is shaking his head right now, I just know it.. blogging is hard work.

Oops-see above

Sorry about that, above was written by me, although I know Cary would agree with everything i said :)

Meeting Faith


Thank you for today. I had the privilege of watching a group of orphans from Uganda dance at our local Macy's. They call themselves, "The Spirit of Uganda", a group that travels the country dancing and then returning to their country to finish school. Lord, I did not know you would touch my heart today the way you have. The moment these children (ages 8-19) began dancing, and the boys began playing the drums I could barely hold it together. So many emotions, wondering what their life is like at home, what parent, if not both, killed to AIDS. I couldn't possibly know what they've experienced, yet there they were, dancing ,singing, smiling; an unexplainable joy.

But as tears came down my face, I tried to look in as many eyes as I could and say thank you with just a smile. Thank you for blessing me today. God's grace staring me in the face, such irony in the midst of wallet size purses the price of a steak dinner for two at a five star restaurant. I got to meet many of these sweet children afterwards and had them sign a book about orphans that I purchased. At first I asked myself, why would I have them sign this? am i wanting to glorify what they have been through? NO!! I want to remember!! Lord thank you for giving me that gift today, to remind me of the joy of knowing you, no matter what life brings my way( a perspective that is nothing in comparison to the orphans of Africa). Yep I hurt, I have pain, but the reality is, I have been given a life of luxury, I'm fed, I'm clothed, I live in a middle class home with a pool. Who's got it down more? who really gets joy? the most purest form, to have nothing yet to be joyful, to be able to smile.. My emotions are raw as I think about them, yet hopeful that they will know the Lord, if not already and be able to continue to be a voice for Africa.

As they had a intermission, a young 16 year old approached me and said hello and proceeded to hug me, her name was Faith. "Hello Faith" I said, What a sweet picture, as if God himself handed her to me to meet. A reminder of why Cary and I are pursuing a precious child across the world, our Faith. I left and picked up my girls from their private school, chuckled as we drove home, listening to them complain about being hot, thirsty, wanting a play date, wanting to swim in our pool. As I sent one to her room when we got home and the other to get her bathing suit, I got to reflect on today. As I watched my sweet young child swim, pretending to be mermaid, not a care in the world, glowing with a sense of security even though she doesn't even know it or can speak of it. I get it, I see it, she is deeply loved, her needs are met, even though she complains often. The true gift that my girls have received is the gift of knowing Jesus Christ, staring at Carly and reflecting on sweet Caitlin in time out, since day one, all they have heard come from our lips is about the Lord. Some day I know that they will understand that privilege and they will respond. I thank you Lord for the opportunity you have given us! The privilege of allowing us to parent another child, to love them, to care for them, to teach them your ways! I see your love for your children and it is intoxicating, I grasp your love for me, adopting me! Thank you for using me! I pray that our girls would understand your Grace more and more and that they would be grateful for what they have instead of complaining about that which they don't have..oh wait, i pray that for me too!

Ethiopia It Is!

We both have felt just a wonderful sense of peace about Ethiopia - and after some really great conversations with some friends who have adopted already (thanks David and Garth); gave us both some further clarity on the decisions that we have to make. So - we are very clear on Ethiopia....just in case it wasn't obvious from the Ethiopia flag to the time clock! We will be awaiting the clarity on sex and gender. It seems we both feel like it would be great to start with one child and see where God leads us to after that. Who knows....maybe another country in Africa, like Rwanda, or another child in Ethiopia. It is really just fun to think about it - with no stress knowing that God already does know.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here we go!! I'm so excited! I couldn't agree more with my sweet husband! There are so many thoughts going on through my head yet continuing to turn it all over to the Lord. Praising the Lord for what HE is doing. As we are being led in this direction I am being sifted like crazy. Amazing how the Lord can multi-task the way HE can. Thankful, praising the Lord today. Yes, i'm a bit anxious about all the paperwork, Cary it's all you babe :)

Sent off initial information to Gladney

I sent to Gladney our information sheet today.....very strange; I'm walking back from the post office, where I paid extra to get the info to Gladney hopefully no later than Friday, and as I'm walking back to my office, my stomach is really upset.......I'm nervous that something could happen to slow or delay or stop our, this is weird. I go from saying "no way" to adoption no less than a year, now, "please God, don't let anything get in the way of our adoption". Thank you Lord for pursuing I once said "no" to You, and you graciously and lovingly moved in my heart to a "yes" to You. Thank you for doing that to me - and for our child(ren) that await us.....please, Lord, if it is your will, that this process would lead us to an adoption of a beatiful child(ren) of Yours......oh - and can you do it smoothly and quickly?.....if it is Your wil! Thank you for adopting us into your family through your Son!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sharing with Family & Friends

We have now shared with a few people....but, we figured, that we would also use the blog as a means of communicating with others - and for future communication.

So, Sarah and I went to Gladney on Saturday - and really continue to have a tremendous amount of peace and conviction about what the Lord is leading us to.

Yes - we are starting the adoption process. What we are now praying about - and asking for is further clarity on country or for the Lord to make it evident if He wants another country (we believe it is Ethiopia) is 100% Africa - the only other option would be Rwanda - however, the country is new - and were not sure we want to be on the front end of the adoptions there. Also - praying for clarity on age and sex.

Thank you friends for praying for us - and with us - praying for our child, that is most likely already in an orphanage as I write....and praying that he/she would be cared for and loved...and given a sense of peace by the Lord that he/she will be coming to a family that will love them shortly.

thank you friends and family. We shared with my mom and dad yesterday - and so thankful for their loving and gracious response......thank you Mom and Dad!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Post

Well, this is my first post to our new blog. We'll see how this goes. A lot going on in the Tucker world right now. We are walking through a bunch of really cool things:

1) Sarah is in the process of donating her kidney to a sweet friend from college
2) We are getting set for a fun summer that involves a church camp, sports camp, and hopefully, lots of swimming.
3) Sarah and I are having lots of discussions on the topic of international adoptions....and enjoying the discussions A LOT.
4) I continue to think a lot about my recent trip to Africa and what I learned about myself and about God.

That's it for now!