Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Habesha & Farenji

We have been home now for just about 5 days and its been a good start. We have had the very normal things like just trying to communicate (ie: point, grunt, growl, smile, laugh, gigle and point again). Yes, this is with our 9 year return, we get a few giggles, a few raised eyebrows, a few sighs and the raising of eyebrows, a few "no's", and a few "i'll just ignore whatever it is you maybe just said" looks.

Today was a good one though for Sarah....and I got a neat moment too. For bedtime, Sarah got a hug and a kiss goodnight! For me earlier, we were "talking" --- and I said something to the effect to Rediet that I was habesha (ethiopian).....she laughed, and said, "no, farenji". I responded, "no, habesha"..........this was my fun thing to do in ethiopia.......I don't think I fooled anyone, but, enjoyed telling them I was not farenji, I was habesha. Anyways, I pointed to Sarah and Rediet said, "Farenji". I went and found our amharic book and pointed to her (habesha), me (farenji), and Sarah (farenji)..........and then said in amharic "family". Rediet smiled.

So, if the next 5 days are hard; I'll try and remember tonight.....that was fun. I could a really small way, that is most definitely the way the Lord envisioned the way we would interact and care for each other.......habesha and family. black, white, hispanic, name family; one Father in Heaven; one Son; one Holy Spirit......all in family. Thankful we get to be a part of His wonderful is He; we are not only "farenji" --- "foreigners" compared to Him.......we don't even deserve to get to look at Him; yet, through His Son, we are one with Him, we are no longer "farenji"......we are family.

I had lunch today with a friend.....and talked about how adoption impacts me probably more than it ever will Rediet or Wolasa.......tonight is a good example.....I was reminded of His goodness through a simple conversation of habesha and farenji.....and reminded of what He has done so that I could be part of His heir with full rights......just like Rediet and Wolasa are today in my family.


Friday, August 6, 2010


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's down to one trip

When we got home just about a year ago with our son Wolasa, I did not think we would be back quite so quickly. Having met Rediet on our first trip and then having a chance to see her again on another trip, I thought we could possibly adopt her, but, didn't really think if we did that it would happen so fast. Well, just 6 months into the process the second go round...and here we are....down to one last trip. I filled out the forms to take with us, we've got our plane tickets and now its just waiting till next Friday comes.

This is no doubt not without some anxieties and fears.....fears for each of us involved. We have had good friends go through the older adoptions and it's been really hard. I definitely admit and acknowledge that I'm really hopeful that God will be gracious to all of us in this transition. We certainly feel like He has been with Wolasa. I hope that our girls will all get along; I hope that Wolasa will not feel completely outnumbered and overwhelmed by three sisters; I hope that our kids will really, really understand some day why we have done this.........that they will truly know that our desire to love the Lord and follow Him was reason enough....that they will not only know why but also be thankful. None of that may come soon, but, I do pray that it comes.

So thankful that I have a bride that is a great partner in this....I know she bears most of the load during the days. Thankful that we are on the same page, that we are yoked together to the Lord and that we can remind each other each day to keep Him at the center and to trust in Him. Lord, we trust in You.....thank you for today, thank you for also the day that we bring our daughter home, and thank you for the strength that you'll give us, the peace that I know you provide. Thank you for the many blessings in our lives.