Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh So Close......if this were only horse shoes and hand grenades

but, it's not......we did not pass court today. We are a couple steps closer though, and have a new court date of next Friday, August 7th. Please pray that the document that is needed will be back in Addis and we hopefully will have a good court approval next Friday. Thanks friends for your prayers; in the midst of just being sad that we got delayed - I want to thank the Lord for the fact some positives took place today and we truly took a few steps forward. Thankful for His hand in that - and that His timing is perfect.........but, back to the old hand grenade thing......close doesn't work in this case. So - we move on to next Friday.

Also had some good conversations with Beau and Nat today on our thoughts on bringing the girls.....I think we are both leaning towards not bringing them.....don't have the ability to have someone come with us - but, will continue to pray and process....the delay gives us another week to wrestle on that (so......there you have it...another thing to praise!).

Kidmia update......raising funds for them has gone well - excited about total amount given towards Kidmia between us all is over $6k.....way cool.

If you feel led - check out prior post and the link to give towards Kidmia and caring for other loved ones in Gunchire, Ethiopia.


Saturday, July 18, 2009


Seeking your Support for Kidmia! I am participating in a fundraiser for Kidmia ( ...... please check them out. They are providing change in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Ethiopia. Kidmia is providing holistic care and shelter to children in need, while being the catalyst of their adoption back into their community to gospel loving families. Kidmia is driven by a passion for Jesus Christ and a desire to see the people of Ethiopia changed by His grace.

Please click on the link below to support me as I play 50 holes of golf in the summer heat of Texas on Aug 17th to raise funds for Kidmia. Kidmia is so dear to my heart as we puruse our own adoption from Ethiopia.....thank you for supporting Kidmia and most importantly, the children of Ethiopia.

God Bless,


Update on new court date - July 30th

We spoke with Mary and we have a new court date, July 30th. Thank you all for your prayers. We have a close friend, Wes Butler, who is traveling to Ethiopia right now on a trip with a bunch of singles from our church.......and he has told us that he will personally take care of everthing for us with - we all can just sit back and relax.....Wes is in charge! Okay...maybe not - our good Lord is. Look forward to hearing more news - and hopeful - but, we rest assured that our Lord is working all things together for our good and for our sons good as we purpose our lives for Him.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not looking good

Hey all,

Well we got a phone call yesterday from Gladney letting us know that MOWA has decided to take two weeks off for some stuff(even though rainy season starts in mid august until late october). What that means is that our court date which was supposed to be next week is no longer. And now we have to wait till they reOpen to give us a new court date.. basically the odds of that happening before rainy season are grim.. I'm sad and REALLY wanted our son to come home soon. I know God is sovereign but it's still hard. I trust HIS timing but pray that it would be sooner than later. Keep us in your prayers as the future is unknown. My heart yearns for him and desire to see our boy soon. Pray for him as this means longer stay. Thankful for the Lord, choosing him and bringing him out harm into our family.