Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on the family...older kiddo adoption

Last post was August.....okay, that is hard to believe. I can't believe it is 2011 already; I can't really believe what has taken place in our lives over the last 2 is really an amazing few years. It wasn't too many years ago that we responded to the question of adoption pretty emphatically with "no way". So, rather ironic and just plain kind, loving, gracious of God to change up all of that for us.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind since Rediet came home about 5 months ago. She is a wonderful addition to our family; she is a super hard worker and is determined to know English and be the best student and soccer player....motivating her is not a problem. Pulling her back some is. Her english is definitely coming along; understands us pretty well at this point and can communicate decently with us.

I think the most interesting part of the two years....and this is not unexpected, is that it has been hard on our bio kids. They have done wonderfully; they love their brother and sister.....stop and think about that for a little really is amazing --- they have a new brother and new sister from across the world -- and they love them. But, none of this has come easy and none of it comes without some heartache, some dying to oneself ....which, to ask a 38 or 40 year old to die to oneself is one ask an 8 year old; well, it can be harder. All four of our kiddos are doing great...but, it is an adjustment on all 4 of them --- and it has been harder than we expected in many ways; easier in others.

We wouldn't change it for anything; thankful to the Lord for this opportunity; He has blessed us with a larger family than we thought we would ever have and we are grateful; grateful that we have 4 children that we know have heard the Gospel and that get a chance to be raised in a very IMPERFECT family....that loves the Lord and has parents that try to love their 4 kiddos in a way that honors the Lord and gives them in our very best moments just a fraction of Gods love for them.....but hopefully enough that it isn't crazy for them to think of their Heavenly Father as a loving Father.

So....not really sure if anyone is still out there......we need to post some pictures, but, part of our own adjustment is realizing with a few more kids, free time is even less so!

If anyone is processing older child adoption; we certainly are a willing respondant of any questions or comments. We've had some friends look into it and I think some of the issues that were raised were surprising to them....and quite honestly, we think if anyone does go into older child adoption, there are many things that you need to at least process mentally....and then expect that you can't fully prepare yourself for it as well. We've also seen how some "information", at least in international adoptions, can be harder to get and with language issues/culture issues, etc --- some information is not accurate (not purposefully....just because of some of those language/culture issues) or not seen as important.

Open to dialogue further on all of this.