Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Friday, July 16, 2010

Addis ----- Here we come! Oh 7 days!

Well......I truly believe God is in control...sometimes things happen that re-affirm that; sometimes things happen that cause me to trust in Him and trust in the things that I cannot see....but that I hope in and believe.

Yesterday and today were a couple of days where we got to see the part of His control....and boy is it sweet.

We are heading to Addis for our court date for our "R"....we can't wait to see you honey. We have MOWA and our Court date on July 27.

Prayers for a success on both ends and hopefully by end of August, she will be back with us.

So amazing...didn't expect till after rainy season ---- so excited, so much to do. Just bought 4 tickets.....ouch! Can't wait for our daughters to meet "R" and for them to see Ethiopia and hang out with our good friend Solomon while we are there.

Also hope to see Aschalew (director of Kidmia, while we are there.

Praise the Lord. I know He is GREAT without a court date.....but, HE is GREAT with the court date...



Niemitz said...

Congrats on getting such a quick court date & before rainy season!!!!

Good Luck and Safe Travels:)


Leslie said...

I hope we will see you there.

christy said...

Yay! This is WONDERFUL news! Congratulations!

Please say hello to Solomon for me. And hug all those kids while you're at it, too. :)

Safe travels!

Tracy said...

Wow! That's so awesome! God is awesome!

Nikki said...

So excited for you!!