Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Caitlin, Rediet and Carly

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Habesha & Farenji

We have been home now for just about 5 days and its been a good start. We have had the very normal things like just trying to communicate (ie: point, grunt, growl, smile, laugh, gigle and point again). Yes, this is with our 9 year return, we get a few giggles, a few raised eyebrows, a few sighs and the raising of eyebrows, a few "no's", and a few "i'll just ignore whatever it is you maybe just said" looks.

Today was a good one though for Sarah....and I got a neat moment too. For bedtime, Sarah got a hug and a kiss goodnight! For me earlier, we were "talking" --- and I said something to the effect to Rediet that I was habesha (ethiopian).....she laughed, and said, "no, farenji". I responded, "no, habesha"..........this was my fun thing to do in ethiopia.......I don't think I fooled anyone, but, enjoyed telling them I was not farenji, I was habesha. Anyways, I pointed to Sarah and Rediet said, "Farenji". I went and found our amharic book and pointed to her (habesha), me (farenji), and Sarah (farenji)..........and then said in amharic "family". Rediet smiled.

So, if the next 5 days are hard; I'll try and remember tonight.....that was fun. I could a really small way, that is most definitely the way the Lord envisioned the way we would interact and care for each other.......habesha and family. black, white, hispanic, name family; one Father in Heaven; one Son; one Holy Spirit......all in family. Thankful we get to be a part of His wonderful is He; we are not only "farenji" --- "foreigners" compared to Him.......we don't even deserve to get to look at Him; yet, through His Son, we are one with Him, we are no longer "farenji"......we are family.

I had lunch today with a friend.....and talked about how adoption impacts me probably more than it ever will Rediet or Wolasa.......tonight is a good example.....I was reminded of His goodness through a simple conversation of habesha and farenji.....and reminded of what He has done so that I could be part of His heir with full rights......just like Rediet and Wolasa are today in my family.



Kat said...

Beautifully said...praying for your transitioning.

colecrew said...

loved that:) we are really excited for you guys. i hope to meet her soon. what an incredible journey it must be.